Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Planning the Prop 8 Protest rally in St. Louis was a big task. There were many people and organizations that stepped up to the plate to make this an historic event locally and nationally.

Please help me in thanking these individuals by telling them "thank you" the next time you see them. Or if you can take the time, phone them and tell them how much you appreciate their support. Writing a handwritten letter goes a very long way in this digital age. (Okay you can send a text message if you want, that is appreciated too!)

If they are a business, please patronize their business and let them how much it means to you that they stepped up to the plate to help the ShowMeNoHate St. Louis movement.

Key & Essential Supporters
  • Mayor Francis Slay
  • Staff at the Old Courthouse National Park Services
  • St. Louis Police Department
  • Scott Emanuel our mentor for social action
  • Mo Costello provided space, support, money and inspiration
  • Flowing Johnson trained our peacekeepers to keep us safe
  • Steve Houldsworth called our community to action
  • Philip Deitch helped with all protest logistics
  • Blue Jones mobilized the community
  • Shan Lewis mobilized the community
  • Jamie Pitt volunteered as the speaker wrangler
  • Rob Blackwell designed the 8.5 by 11 protest flyer
  • Keith Cabrera-Nguyen designed the 11 by 17 protest flyer
  • Colleen Carlton created our press releases and was our media mentor
  • Katie Stuckenschneider volunteered her public relations skills
  • Bill Ramsey got the word out
  • Chuck Smith provided the sound system
  • Joe the Juggler provided the back up sound system
  • Rabbi Susan Talve supported us spiritually
  • Matt Zinter donated all printed protest signs
  • Jan Barrier and Sheri Schild handled our phone banking
  • Amalia Woodward volunteer and handled electronic publicity blogging
  • Andrew Amelung volunteer
  • Dana Stewart volunteer
  • Mark Fredericks volunteer
  • Dallas Bryson volunteer
  • Megan Heeney volunteer
  • Leticia Hamilton volunteer
  • Lea Drisdel volunteer
  • Danielle Karczewski volunteer
  • Hayley Gann volunteer
  • Wendy Markum volunteer
  • Gail Wiley volunteer
  • Kyra Lopinot volunteer
  • Morgan Keenan volunteer
  • Kat O'Brian volunteer
  • Jo Mohan volunteer
Supporters and Allies
  • St. Louis City and the St. Louis City Mayor's Office
  • Michael McMillan the St. Louis City License Collector Offices
  • Harold Crompton NAACP National Board member
  • Claude Brown, Sr St. Louis NAACP President
  • Charlie A. Dooley St. Louis County Executive
  • Ruby Bonner St. Louis City Civil Rights Enforcement Agency
  • Bob Cohn St. Louis County Civil Rights Commission
  • Barbara Fraiser the 5th District St. Louis County Council
  • Jeanette Mott Oxford first OUT Lesbian State Rep
  • Mike Colona recent OUT State Rep
  • Shane Cohn with NCCJ
  • A big thank you to the speakers - without their words we would not be inspired.
Organizations and Associations
  • ACLU of Eastern Missouri
  • Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis
  • Growing American Youth
  • Jobs with Justice
  • International Institute
  • American Friend Service Committee
  • Central Reform Congregation
  • Veterans For Peace
  • Home Depot off Kingshighway
  • Paper Slip Theatre