Friday, April 17, 2009


ShowMe No Hate is looking for committed same-sex couples who would like to get married!

That's right, married in our neighboring State of Iowa. In a matter of weeks, Iowa will be the first Midwest State that will allow same-sex couples to legally marry. This is monumental. America is truly recreating it's story on Equality. This is incredible and important news not just for the people of Iowa but it's important to Missourians too.

The more we can show the normality of same-sex loving couples marrying; the more it will become recognized as a reality. For starters, it will prove that many Gays and Lesbians will get married if given the opportunity. It will also show that the Midwest is full of LGBTQ families ready to tie the knot.

So I need you to spread the word starting right now:

- Send this email out to every gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered friend you know in a committed relationship. (Hey we are not going up there to abuse the privilege, so please no pretend couple marriages.)

- Call family and neighbors who you know right now that are in a committed relationship. Invite them to the idea of an Iowa City bound bus could pick them up to get legally married. Encourage and tell them that this event will be full of other loving couples like just like them.

- Lastly, reach out to your Church, Synagogue and/or faith community about this idea. Maybe place a little note in your bulletin this week about the ShowMe Marriage Equality bus tour leaving soon. All aboard! Use the email, website and phone number listed below for follow-up.

Details are forming, and you can get up-to-date information on when the bus departure and the stops it will make in Missouri. At this point, we are looking at KC, Columbia, Springfield, Cape, St. Louis and Hannibal Missouri stops.

But again I cannot stress how important it is to find actual couples. So spread the word.

Ed Reggi

P.S. Couples can email me directly at - We would like to organize this bus trip in the next 2-3 weeks.