Thursday, July 16, 2009


Show Me No Hate is stepping up its goals and mission.

We are currently speaking with several local and regional organizations, politicians and activists on the idea of building a stronger Missouri Marriage Equality coalition. Show Me No Hate believes that Marriage Equality has gained so much ground in 2009 but we feel it will continue to gain support in 2010. We know Missouri was one of the first states where the voters accepted writing discrimination into our Constitution. A Marriage Equality coalition would help reverse that discrimination and the climate it has since created. There has even been talk about putting Marriage Equality back up to the Missouri Voters in 2012.

For any organization to tackle such an ambitious voter ballot iniative they need to be not only organized but focused with a clear plan to win. This takes money, time and lots of grassroots energy. We feel strongly in the possibility of building that energy now for a victory in 2012.

We are looking for some creative thinkers as we explore different ideas. Nothing is on or off the table other than building a strong Marriage Equality coalition in our state.

Are you ready to Show Us your creativity?

Please send us an email at ShowMeNoHate [at] Gmail [dot] com.