Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Photos by Chris Weiss

The Fred Phelps counter protest at Marquette High School and Hazewood Central High School on Monday November 2, was a complete success. We had over 100-150 peaceful counter protesters show up to face the Phelps family with love and a message of tolerance.

The most painful image was witnessed by Chris Weiss' photographs included in this posting. The Phelps family came with 4 children and 3 adults - you read that correctly! They came with children holding signs of hate. Children as young as five and six years old were out holding signs like "FAGS DOOM NATIONS," and other signs that depicted images of President Obama with blood, horns and dead babies. One Hazewood female student yelled, "I cannot believe you are that disrespectful of our President and your children."

St. Louis County, Chesterfield and Hazelwood Police were helpful and supported our Constitutional right to assemble. We also want to thank both the Rockwood and Hazelwood School Districts for their added help in keeping the students secure and safe during the Phelps protest.