Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Westboro Baptist Church aka Fred Phelps Family, will be protesting at Northwest High School located at 6005 Cedar Hill Road, Cedar Hill, Missouri around 1:30pm on Thursday November 12th.

It is important we congregate before the Phelps family arrives and block their ability to display their horrific signs toward the children of our community. We are encouraging folks to make angel wings (see here http://readromaine.com/laramie/angel_action/Become_Angel.pdf) , or to bring larger white or colorful fabric stretched on polls with nothing written on them. We can pull these sheets together and simply surround the Phelps signage thus blocking their hate.

This is a peaceful counter protest so no graphic signs, just images of peace, love and unity. The color white is wonderful as is the rainbow symbolizing the most universal image of Godly peace.

We are also meeting at Yeshiva Boys High School located at 8630 Olive Blvd, at 5pm. Please try to make both peaceful counter protests.

Let's show our youth that we can love, protect and support them when faced by bigots and hateful folks like the WBC.