Wednesday, August 11, 2010


On August 13th, 2010 another Show Me Marriage Equality Bus filled with loving same-sex couples will depart from St. Louis to obtain their marriage licenses in Iowa City, Iowa. To date our four previous Show Me Marriage Equality Buses have transported 58 Missouri couples to Iowa City and helped over 50 couples make the trip on their own.

We already have 8 couples on board our August bus; however, we are looking for a more couples to join. The 55-seat bus we rent can hold up to 15 couples, clergy, wedding photographers and family members. If you are interested in getting married, please send an email to

You can also help our "Love bus" today!

Our Show Me Marriage Equality Bus expenses run around $3,000 per trip. More than half of that total cost comes from the actual rental of our bus, gas and our driver.