Friday, July 9, 2010


In late May at a town hall sponsored by PROMO and TransHaven, Alderman Shane Cohn announced Board Bill 67, inserting gender identity into the list of protected categories which already includes sexual orientation. The bill gained many co-sponsors and moved swiftly through committee and passed with unanimous support of the Alderman.

"Extending basic protections has been long overdue," stated Cohn. "In order to remain competitive in today's marketplace and respect every member of the Saint Louis community, I am proud to have sponsored this bill." Please send Saint Louis Alderman Shane Cohn a "Thank You" for helping secure these protections at

The Bill will go into effect immediately upon signature by Mayor Slay, which is anticipated by early next week. Enforcement will be the requirement of the Civil Rights Enforcement Agency (CREA) who can be reached at 314.622.3301.

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