Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The League of Women Voters helped arrange for two public debates featuring the candidates for the 3rd District congressional seat, including Democratic incumbent Russ Carnahan, Republican Ed Martin and Constitutional Party Nicholas Ivanovich.

The following video was from the debates held on September 26 in the gymnasium at the Arnold Community Center. It was fully stuffed with angry white tea baggers who were there at 4:30 pm to support their tea bag king Ed "I was fired from my state job because I broke the law" Martin.

The clip is the answer each candidate gave to my question, "Do you support DADT."

Russ Carnahan was the only candidate who supports the repeal of DADT. The other two candidates gave some cock and bull about our military couldn't handle some kind of radical social engineering experiment. When are conservatives going to understand that 80% of America supports the repeal of Dont Ask Dont Tell.

When is Ed Martin going to get that this is not about Gay Marriage?

When will Ed Martin stop promoting homophobia?

When will Ed Martin listen to the Military leaders who also support the repeal of DADT?

Several us in the audience lost it when Ed Martin wouldn't answer the question. So we screamed, "Answer the Question," and he did.

Now take a look at the debates held on Friday September 24th in the City of Saint Louis. Ed Martin spins a different tune claiming to be for everyone.

Will the real Ed Martin please stand up?