Tuesday, May 10, 2011


In a sudden turn of events this evening, the University City Council and Mayor decided to postpone the passing of Bill 9112, also known as the "Obstructing the sidewalks" law that opponents suggest will target black youth standing, walking, and strolling on the Loop during busy peak hours.

We must remain vigilant until the Bill is killed, defeated or tabled forever.

ShowMeNoHate wants to thank the following organizations and people:

ACLU - New Jersey
ACLU - Eastern Missouri
Fairness Campaign - Louisville, Kentucky
Beyond Housing - St. Louis, Missouri
Normandy School District
Denise Lieberman
Sara Jean Ferrill
Samati Niyomchai
William Schwulst

And many other citizens who made calls, wrote letters and spoke at City Hall tonight against new Bill 9112. We need you to return on Monday May 23, 6:30pm when the Council will again attempt to vote on the new ordinance. Stay tuned here for details.

Please share with your folks on social media. We understand there are problems in the Loop during peak weeknight and weekend hours; however, these problems needs to have smart solutions.

Let's make the City Council and Mayor come up with clever, smart, highly creative and race-neutral solutions.