Tuesday, June 28, 2011


One week ago on Monday June 20th, St. Louis NBC affiliate KSDK Channel 5 aired an "I'm Just Sayin' video" featuring KTRS 550AM wannabe shock jock radio host Joe Hipperson. The quick video piece has Mr. Hipperson defending Tracy Morgan who one-week prior suggested violence against the gay community. Hipperson started his video off saying that he didn't disagree with what Tracy Morgan said about homosexuals; rather, he disagreed that Morgan actually apologized for saying it. (You read that correctly.) Watch Hipperson for yourself:

First off, Hipperson uses the classic "call to the homophobe" by using the term, "homosexual jokes" when leading with his segment. This term is typically used in a context to signal your homophobic base. Shame on Hipperson for making this about the LGBT community and not about what is should be, "safety of kids," mainly Morgan's young son who Morgan said he'd stab. This is not about Eddie Murphy or Richard Prior. This is not about LGBT community vs. the Black comedians Mr. Hipperson; however, thanks for making it look that way. Incidentally, if KSDK or Hipperson actually did some fact checking instead of cranking the hate-machine, they would of realized that Eddie Murphy did apologize for his anti-gay routine.

The next insulting part of Hipperson's video was that he actually says he "didn't disagree what Tracy Morgan said." Let me refresh Mr. Hipperson and KSDK what Tracy Morgan actually said. Tracy Morgan during his June 3rd Nashville stand-up comedy show, insulted dozens of audiences members when Morgan suggested that stabbing his own son would be appropriate if his son came home stating he was gay. Click here for entire story.

Joe Hipperson then follows his homophobic stance by attacking the entire LGBT community, with some cockeyed theory that the LGBT community isn't really a minority. Hipperson suggests the LGBT community is actually the majority with such power that we only pretend to be a minority when it suits us.

Does this even make logical sense?

Dear Joe Hipperson, is that why LGBT citizens are treated like second-class people? Is that why the Missouri Constitution and some other 30 states don't recognize same-sex marriages? Or is that why LGBT employees can be fired because they are homosexual?

Would KSDK have aired this story if Joe said what he said about homosexuals and instead said, "the Jews?"

Joe Hipperson takes a play right out of the KKK 1950 Playbook. Just when southern blacks were speaking up and demanding their right to vote, the klan decided it was way too much. That's when the klan cleverly marketed the idea that giving black Americans the right to vote could make them super powerful one day. Never mind those hoses, dogs, bullets, nooses, and bats that the real majority held, Mr. Hipperson.

Never mind that the entire crew over at NBC's 30 Rock have all come out demanding and apologizing for Morgan's hateful remarks.

Never mind that Chris Rock and other former SNL cast members have all come out denouncing Morgan's hateful words in disguise of comedy.

Never mind that Eddie Murphy did actually apologize for his anti-gay and anti-AIDS statements.

And never mind that Tracy Morgan himself has publicly apologized for his hateful words. And Morgan is currently on a anti-gay apology tour across this country.

All of this TRUTH is apparently not enough for the homophobic hateful Joe Hipperson and apparently was not enough for KSDK to not air Hipperson's vile anti-gay rhetoric. Shame on KSDK for allowing this homophobic fool to continue his rubbish and pass it off as anything worthy for television. Who is going to make an "I'm Just Sayin' video" next, Fred Phelps?

Tonight, Monday June 27th, KSDK aired an intelligent video response by Brandon Gray who ShowMeNoHate feels addressed all the right issues against the homophobe Joe Hipperson.

Finally, the most ironic part about homophobe Joe Hipperson can be summed up in this photo:

That's right folks, Mr. Hipperson and his cool hip wife both modeled over one-year ago for the unofficial St. Louis NOH8 photo campaign. How fitting that both Joe and his wife are also unofficially haters of the LGBT community.

Please call KSDK 314-421-5055 and ask to speak to the General Manager in regards to a Joe Hipperson's vile homophobic remarks. Of course we understand that Hipperson has the right to freedom of speech and we understand that the views expressed by "I'm Just Sayin' video" segments are not the views of KSDK. Tell the GM you understand all of that; however, ask the GM if Hipperson could have said the things he said about Jews, Women, Blacks or Muslims? Does KSDK support the right to promote the killing of those minority groups?

Then call back and ask to speak to their Community Relations department. Explain that community relations start with accepting the safety for the LGBT community and not promoting people who support the stabbing of gay teens like Joe Hipperson said.