Monday, March 25, 2013


Dear John -

We all know you have an outspoken mother, Phyllis Schlafly who loves to parade around the media pretending to be a nice sincere conservative lady; however, recently she didn't act lady-like at all.

We also know she has been a media whore since ERA.

But her recent attack on Senator Rob Portman's has many questing not so much her but instead - you.  Senator Portman recently changed his mind (and vote) coming out supporting same-sex marriages because his son came out of the closet to his family before the holidays last year.

Instead of embracing this act of love from a son to father; she decided to use it for media attention.

Many of us know you came out of the closet nearly 20 years ago and we'd thought by now you would have cleared this all up Phyllis.  We expected you would have had a sit down talk with your mom about yourself being gay and how you wish to one day fall in love with that adult man of your dreams.

We are asking you to share with your mom your hopes to one day marry the man you love.  We are asking this because maybe you can change your mom's views.  (We have also heard she loves you the most out of the family because you remain her conservative little Johnny!)