Saturday, December 19, 2009


December 20, 2009 marks the last "Separate Church and Hate Rally," at the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica. The four rallies have been organized by Show Me No Hate, Catholic Action Network, and Holy Families Committee.

The organizing organizations feel strongly that they have achieved their goals:

  • To send a clear message to Archbishop Carlson that funding ballot measures that strip the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Americans is not only disappointing but a violation of their civil rights outlined in the United States Constitution.
  • To educate St. Louis Catholics about the $10,000 Archbishop Carlson sent to reverse a new Maine Marriage Equality Law: a law allowing civil marriages for same-sex couples that was passed by Maine's Legislature and signed by Maine's Governor John Baldacci.
  • To create a new open dialogue between LGBTQ Catholic allies and Catholics for Social Justice.
  • To suggest that parishioners designate gifts specifically to homeless shelters, feeding the poor, caring for the aged and HIV/AIDS patients. Without their specific designation, the Archbishop may spend precious diocese dollars outside the St. Louis diocese.
It has come to the organizers attention that outside organizations, groups and individuals are making false claims why we are demonstrating outside the Cathedral. Make no mistake they do not represent the opinions of Show Me No Hate, Catholic Action Network or Holy Families Committee.

If you have any questions about these rallies we urge you to speak directly with the leadership behind those organizations by clicking the above links.

Thank you