Saturday, December 19, 2009


December 19th, 2009

Show Me No Hate (SMNH) would like to answer recent allegations and claims of "baiting arrests for media attention," surrounding the peaceful "Separate Church and Hate Rallies," outside the Cathedral Basilica on December 13th, 2009.

"We did not; nor want to be arrested for any media attention. Our message is a simple one: We want to use our Constitutional Rights to freely assemble and speak outside the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica Noon to 1:30pm. We want to publicly address our grievances with Archbishop Carlson regarding his $10,000 donation to help strip the ability of same-sex couples seeking to use the new marriage equality law in Maine." - Ed Reggi, founder of Show Me No Hate.

Show Me No Hate Statement on Non-violence

SMNH does not support or condone violence in any form. We believe that peaceful protest and civil disobedience are powerful forces for change in a democratic society, and we defend the rights of individuals and organizations to practice them.

SMNH deplores any government-backed efforts that, under the guise of anti-terrorism, attempt to squelch public dissent and curtail civil liberties by criminalizing the constitutional right to peaceful protest. The government’s use of taxpayer dollars to spy on environmental and social justice groups is fiscally and morally irresponsible, and sets a frightening precedent for all individuals wishing to effect social change.

To make it (again) perfectly clear to anyone reading the above statement:

"We are not planning to be arrested; willfully break the law; purposely upset the parishioners or schedule any civil disobedience actions during the peaceful rallies outside the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica. We expect no issues and no arrests on December 20th, 2009. If anything we will offer a lot of peace during this holiday season." - Ed Reggi, founder of Show Me No Hate.