Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Protesters Will Get Gaga for Lady Gaga Before Her January 7 St. Louis Concert at the Fox Theatre
By Nick Lucchesi of Riverfront Times

Tue., Dec. 29 2009 @ 3:55PM

Human lightning rod Lady Gaga and her handlers aren't letting many press photographers into her show at the Fabulous Fox Theatre on January 7, but there could be more news cameras outside the venue when her tour hits St. Louis.

Timothy Norris / LA Weekly
Lady Gaga at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on December 23, 2009. See more photos here.

​Pastor Fred Phelps, best known for his rallying cry (and Web site URL) "God Hates Fags," has been drumming up support for a protest outside the Fab Fox.

Now other groups are lining up to counter Phelps' protest and show their support for Lady Gaga.

On December 22 Phelps' and his media-savvy Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka issued a press release announcing its intention to counter Lady Gaga because the singer "teaches rebellion against God." (Click to read coverage in Daily RFT.)

Phelps' church rails against Lady Gaga's sexually suggestive lyrics -- e.g., "bluffin' with my muffin" -- provocative attire and stage shows, which her fans say are liberating and promotes sexual equality. Even celebrity gossip blogger and same-sex marriage activist Perez Hilton named her Celebrity of the Year.

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