Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Photo by Chris Weiss

Fred Phelps and his private exclusive-to-family-members-only Westboro Baptist Church are returning to Saint Louis to kick off the New Year 2010. They have scheduled their typical protests against Gay Straight Alliances in High Schools, military service men and woman; however, this time the Phelps Klan have scheduled a protest outside the Fox Theater prior to the Lady Gaga concert. Apparently, the Phelps are seeking national exposure and we think they will get it.

On Thursday January 7th, 6:00pm Show Me No Hate welcomes the Phelps Church of Hate with a peaceful counter-protest. Hundreds of clergy, teenagers, parents, lesbians, gay, bisexual , transgendered, straight Gaga fans and supporters of peace will surround Fred Phelps with a message of peace and love.

Show Me No Hate will also bring out our giant Angel Wings. The Angel Wings received national attention when Romaine Patterson came up with the idea to counter protest the Fred Phelps family demonstrating outside Matthew Shepard's funeral. She founded Angel Action a peaceful protest in order to share a message of peace, compassion and love in a time where everyone was focused on the issue of hate.


Show Me No Hate is asking all counter-protestors to bring new or used gloves, hats, jackets, winter clothing and canned food donations to support Show Me No Hate's "10,000 Items for Charity drive." The 10,000 Items for Charity drive was born out of our recent rallies against the St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson's donation of $10,000 to help veto a new Marriage Equality law signed by the Governor of Maine. We think the Archbishop circumvented not only the rights of Maine voters, but also the Catholics in St. Louis who fund the Archdiocese.


Typically the Phelps family requests special protection status from the police wherever they demonstrate. The St. Louis Police might place them inside a 15 by 15 foot police safety zone which could be inside another 25 by 25 safety zone. Several Show Me No Hate member's personal experiences of counter-protesting the Phelps family guides them to believe that the police will not allow any counter-protestors within 15-25 feet of any Phelps family member.

A local gay activism group is organizing an opportunity to hold a "kiss-in booth" in front of the Phelps family.


An Illinois woman is organizing a Pro-Lady Gaga event.


Whatever you decided to do, please keep in mind Show Me No Hate only supports peaceful non-violent protests.