Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The American Taliban

The people in this video are nothing more than "domestic terrorists" displaying extreme violent images and hate speech. Show Me No Hate crowns them with the title of terrorist because they operate using the same weapon - fear and hate.

Once again the Christian Fundamentalists came out to this year's Faith Aloud 2010 Awards Banquet. This special unique event recognizes volunteers, doctors, politicians, teachers, clergy and community leaders who support woman's reproductive rights recognized by Federal and State laws for nearly the last 50 years. Contrary to what these hate mongers preach, there are very strong traditions in many organized religions that protect a woman's right to choose all of her medical affairs.

Contrary to the wacko doodles signs displayed in the above video, "people are not pro-abortion." The only person allowed to decide what medical procedure is right for any citizen is the actual person going through that procedure and their physician. In America our Constitution protects the freedoms of speech, religious expression and privacy. When these zealots assert their religious beliefs over my Constitutional Rights, they destroy the very fabric of our religious freedom.

COPYRIGHT: Everyone in this video granted their permission to be recorded. They were told by the police their image was in public view on private property and that if they didn't want to be identified to simply leave. Copyright holder makes no assertion that anyone in this video is Christian or a Taliban terrorist. I do assert they are wacko doodles.