Friday, June 11, 2010


Apparently Democratic Representative Ike Skelton likes to keep his head in the sand.

Rep. Skelton thinks if everyone suddenly stops talking about gays serving in the military; or gays getting full protection in their workplaces; or gays obtaining marriage equality then perhaps the gays might just disappear from the streets of Rep. Skelton's district.

What planet is Rep. Ike Skelton living on? Watch how Rachel Maddow addresses Rep. Skelton's comments:

Where has Rep. Ike Skelton been living the past 25 years and what has Rep. Ike Skelton been doing the past 10 years?

Protecting LGBT citizens and families has been front and center since Rep. Ike Skelton helped create the DADT policy 17 years ago. Missouri was one of the first States that passed a State Constitutional Amendment banning Marriage Equality. In 2004 President Bush used "Gay Marriage" to win conservative Missouri voters for his election. Furthermore, mostly recently in the 2008 general elections Proposition 8 in California helped make LGBT Equality a common household conversation. So I am not sure where Ike has been living these days.

Where has Ike been since he crafted the homophobic DADT policies? And the bigger question: where is the Democratic Party of Missouri? How does a Dem like Skelton get away with his bigotry and still expect to get one single dime from our checkbooks?


Sign the petition asking for Rep. Ike Skelton to apologize.

NEW FLASH: Here is a lovely moment of Rep. Ike. I wonder what mommies and daddies will tell their 7-year-old after Ike just told them to "stick it up their ass."