Monday, June 6, 2011


In a sudden turn, for yet another strange move made by the University City elected officials, Mayor Shelley Welsch and the Council members -- decide to disregard the public's opinion and ignore their own words.

On Monday May 23, University City Council met inside City Hall and (for the second time) postponed a vote on Bill 9112, also known as "no interfering with / or standing on the sidewalks" law. The public who attended were (again) disappointed at the Council's decision to reschedule their vote; however, many residents just accepting the new date of Monday June 13 at 6:30pm.

In a bizarre move, the Mayor and the Council have "secretly" and with little notice given to the public, have decided to hold a Special Session on Monday June 6 at 6:00pm.

The thin agenda lists only 3 items to be covered:

1. Bill 9112 - An ordinance amending Chapter 9.08 of University City Municipal Code, relating to offenses against public peace and decency, by enacting therein a new section to be known as "Section 9.08.042 obstructing or interfering with use of sidewalks and streets", and providing a penalty.

2. Budget Memo

3. Council Rules and Order of Procedure

The Special Session notice was posted on the bulletin board located in the basement of City Hall, which according to City's Charter, meets the minimum requirements when calling for a "Special Session." Unfortunately, even though it's completely legal for the Mayor and Council to throw together such a quick meeting; it does not seem transparent or in good faith. Again, in their own words spoken on May 23, the Council postponed the vote and all further discussion of Bill 9112 to the next scheduled City Council Meeting on Monday June 13 at 6:30pm.

ShowMeNoHate's founder Ed Reggi demands to know why the sudden change?

He believes it serves one purpose and one purpose only--to deceive the good people of University City by passing a law that has been deemed Unconstitutional by the ACLU of Eastern Missouri and Fairness Campaign in Louisville, Kentucky.

"To trick the public, by passing this extremely controversial Bill; and to pass it behind the backs of the media and the public, is very sad. Their actions are disappointing. An it continues to show that Mayor Welsh and her Council, are not honest lawmakers," said Reggi on Sunday evening shortly after he got an email about the special meeting.

Reggi is calling for accountability. He wants the public to ask the entire University City Council the following questions:
  • Why can't Bill 9112 wait one more week to be heard in front of the public, as scheduled?
  • Why call for the "Special Session" on June 6 at 6pm in the Emergency Operations Center and not the 5th floor of City Hall?
  • Why not post information about the June 6 "Special Session" on the official University City website?
  • Why are the Police Chief and City Manager refusing to fully explain why Bill 9112 is needed over the enforcement of current University City laws. Ordinances which include criminalizing: theft, panhandling, harassment, unlawful assembly, noise, disturbing the peace, and failure to comply with an officer?

Shelley Welsch
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Ward 1 Council Members
Terry Crow
314-918-0045, ext 2

Stephen Kraft

Ward 2 Council Members
Michael Glickert

Lynn Ricci

Ward 3 Council Members
Byron Price

Arthur Sharp