Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Good news!

Last night the University City Mayor and Council decided unanimously to kill the bill. The first motion was to table the bill forever, but then Councilman Price decided to amend his motion to actually say, "kill the 9112 bill" going forward.

Thank you to all the ShowMeNoHate members who packed the basement of University City's City Hall. We had over 50 people in the room and another 25 outside.

Thank you to Regional Arts Commission, ACLU of Eastern Missouri, Chris Hartman of the Fairness Campaign, Beyond Housing, Community Arts Training Fellows, FowardSTL, NAACP, Mercantile Library at UMSL, Cameron Sanders, Loop Business District, Terry Artis and many others who supported this effort to kill Bill 9112.

Ed Reggi will be speaking on 90.7FM St. Louis Public Radio NPR today at 11am. Make sure you tune in and call in.